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 Whining not welcome

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Whining not welcome Empty
PostSubject: Whining not welcome   Whining not welcome EmptySat Jul 23, 2011 12:12 am

Whining , crying , however you want . There are many players that on the first sign of some personal discomfort go into "keyboard commando" mode and just start trolling . So officially as a clan leader of IDS I am telling that if anyone doesn't like any aspect of the game he can leave at that moment . Lag can't like magicly disappear , some people do by accident make a team kill on you , maps won't be voted just because you want it , if you think IDS cheats just leave and search for another server because you won't prove anything to us .

so this being said , I hope it will reach to at least anyone out there , because every whiner less in game is a headway for community .

lesson of the day : don't cry , play fair and follow the rules , if you don't like , take a hike !

for any things that are there you have to say , say it here on forum , because we do server for people that want to play , not come and start typing like there is no tomorrow .

Whining not welcome Bulllthegreatduh
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Whining not welcome
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