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 Predator Caught in Dirty Work , the Video

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Predator Caught in Dirty Work , the Video Empty
PostSubject: Predator Caught in Dirty Work , the Video   Predator Caught in Dirty Work , the Video EmptyFri Oct 07, 2011 5:05 pm

Watch the video here : ( no login required )

Taken from video description on YouTube video :

"Look at what happens when better players come on his server :

You can download those clips with this site service :

So predator , now everyone see YOU are the one with no honour , courage and fair gaming spirit . Go play single player , there you can't say those who kill you are cheaters . If you can't stand the defeat and the fact there is always someone better , do not play the competitive online games , because I see truth hurts you .

Also , if you have fair play league which I saw on your hate-website , then I suggest to all people to go out of it , because if this are the ways you use to fight someone , to lie and cheat in his name , then I can only imagine how rotten that league is .
IDS bull the great , me , doesn't cheat . I haven't fell so low as you . I have some self esteem and respect finally .
If you want to continue calling me a cheat without hard solid evidences , it just confirms to everyone you are a psycho case , who believes and sees only those things he wants to see . I dare you to prove I cheat for real .

Regards to all fair players ."

Predator Caught in Dirty Work , the Video Bulllthegreatduh
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Predator Caught in Dirty Work , the Video
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