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 Hi All

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PostSubject: Hi All   Hi All EmptySat Oct 15, 2011 3:34 pm

Hi to all from wally_gatter ,from Romania.. I know Romania has the majority of cheaters , I was cheat for a half of year , but I quit doing that , bounce ,the game isn't good while cheating , I don't like-it anymore. Anyway , I'd like to play with quality people , who don't use any kind of cheats.. I am using spotter all the times ,so I can select my group of players , when someone is reported cheating i kick-him or even bann-him.. A good game is when every player is playng fair.. So, if someone want to play with me ,my server is hosted on centrall america.. lol! prefered weapon :gewehr 43 cyclops
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IDS bull_the_great
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IDS bull_the_great

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PostSubject: Re: Hi All   Hi All EmptyMon Oct 17, 2011 8:13 pm

Hi . to clear some things . you cheating now or not , Romanians are not welcome on IDS server any more . for the reasons you have done yourself . also when I gave a chance to some people to be an exception in IDS rules and be able to get on IDS server anyway , it got crumbling down on my head ultimately . so , rules are rules .

you can participate in any IDS and Sniper Elite activities on site and forum , everything except our servers .

you can now decide what to say on this on this . that you think we are unfair , we don't trust you and go swearing at us and stuff .

I would suggest you fight for your credibility and name in sniper elite from beginning .
also have in mind that "once a cheater , always a cheater" will be above your head forever . being romanian in 99 % cheat nation doesn't help either . Romanian IP on my server means only one thing . bad past , unfair game , bad language and people , therefore kick / ban is mandatory ...

however , I DO RESPECT the fact you confess all this things and want to continue to play fair . many cheaters don't have guts and aren't man enough to admit they cheat when exposed .

What is your name of server ? I might consider coming .

Hi All Bulllthegreatduh
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Hi All
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