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 Tunngle Tutorial

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Tunngle Tutorial Empty
PostSubject: Tunngle Tutorial   Tunngle Tutorial EmptyMon Jul 29, 2013 12:43 am

Here is some quick tutorial on Tunngle , and how to play SE online using it .

Before everything , you gotta make an account on Tunngle web site . then :

1.Type in "sniper elite" here and hit enter
Tunngle Tutorial XReiyBt

2. It will find the games related to your search, double click it
Tunngle Tutorial L4Lyv24

3. You are now officially in the Tunngle / Sniper Elite lobby, and I think you can go on and launch a game from this point on , but I wanted to be able to launch it within Tunngle itself
Tunngle Tutorial Wz0m

4. Click here to start configuring the game launcher for the first time . Key is to find the .exe of the game that Tunngle can use to start your game
Tunngle Tutorial Lhf4

5. Now the job is to browse for the game's .exe file in game's root folder , it is usually C/Program Files/MC2/Sniper Elite
Tunngle Tutorial HvypPeM

6. Here it is , click on it and confirm it by clicking on Open
Tunngle Tutorial AWQSTr4

7. Maybe nothing will happen now the first time you click Open , but if you click the Game Launcher button in Tunngle teh second time , it should pick up on the game's .exe and your game will start. Choose LAN mode
Tunngle Tutorial NZPamN3

8. And then start hitting Refresh button until some servers appear . It may be buggy and stuff , so have that stuff in mind . Good luck
Tunngle Tutorial Se43Gfn

For extra questions and comments , feel free to post here ...

Tunngle Tutorial Bulllthegreatduh
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Tunngle Tutorial
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