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 SE needs your help

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SE needs your help Empty
PostSubject: SE needs your help   SE needs your help EmptySun Aug 11, 2013 4:55 am

I will try to be brief , there is no more online support for SE ( you can now play over Tunngle program via LAN mode ), no Spotter support as a result as well . We as hosts can't kick and be in control like before ... Tunngle doesn't show us the nickname in game along with Tunngle nickname matching it in our game ...

So what I ask for , in the name of whole community , at least those fair and honest playing ones is to help us create the kicking program for SE . Any small simple program that could do some basic player recognition and kick any player we want ...

Now , the best we can do is to ask the player that we don't want in the server for his Tunngle nickname and add him into the ban list , but this is tiresome process and takes a lot of time , time you could be spent playing with your friends and fair people wanting to have fun on your server ...

here are some posts I made on SE official forum , as well as Tunngle community forum :

"I recently got the Tunngle since the game I played had cut of her support for the online servers ... so , next way was to get Tunngle and start playing in LAN mode ...

I am talking about Sniper Elite ( 2005 ) . It is a great sniping game with many genuine enthusiasts still clinging to it after all these years . Until only recently , we had some program ( Spotter ) , that worked while online servers were alive too , but his function died with online function as well . It was used to see the IP of the person that was on your server along his/her's nickname . You could BAN or KICK people with it , it was it's main purpose ... And it was really the lifeline for this game since as much as this game is fun and there is plenty of good people , there is also a lot of cheaters and those that simply won't comply to host's rules . And host and friends , and fair players on the servers have to suffer now and rely on the clumsy voting system to get these people off ...

Suggestion : Why wouldn't we be able to know which Tunngle nickname matches to the in-game nickname of the player . That way we could at least be able to ban him from the game so people could enjoy the game . because it only takes one wallhacker , one rotten apple to screw the whole basket of fruit up ...

Whole SE community would be very grateful for this , but also it would serve all the other Tunngle supported games . We need some reliable kicking system . We need to know who is on our server .

Can something please be done about this ?

( if any programming capable person , or the one that knows someone like that recognises my pain as an SE player , please make all you can to make some simple kicking program , much appreciated ) ."

"we are all aware now , compared to days when an online service was available , and Spotter program with it , how it is today with being reduced to mere begging of votes to kick a rule breaker out . your server is a no grenades one , people chucking them like crazy , what you gonna do ? you used to just press few keys and he would be gone . now , you gotta hope enough people give their vote to vote the grenadier or any player that isn't compliant out ...

we don't need some complex program , only KICK feature . to get rid of undesired players on our hosted servers ...
I now one guy , Leon Zawodoviec , something like that , once made some tiny program that was able to kick only , since it wasn't so needed at that time due to all people having spotter , I wonder if that could be brought to life . if someone still has it , will it work for LAN too ,can be modified ?

so , is there anyone here that knows how to mod a little , and to do some programing to spare us all the troubles ? SE2005 community , that is still alive due to all the bad things affecting it , would be very grateful .

good luck ..."

Sources :

SE needs your help Bulllthegreatduh
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SE needs your help
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