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 Points of Fame and Reputation added

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IDS bull_the_great
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IDS bull_the_great

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Points of Fame and Reputation added Empty
PostSubject: Points of Fame and Reputation added   Points of Fame and Reputation added EmptyWed Oct 07, 2009 3:05 pm

In your profile , and in forum posts , under your avatar , you will see "Fame" . Fame are the points of Fame . How are they deserved ? Simply . Since the day you register you will get 1 point every day . This is to make advantage for those early members . Points of Fame are by themselves a flattering reward , but maybe in future there will be a reward for reaching certain number of Fame points like special ranks , obviously , the more the Fame points the better the special rank . If the system gets figured out , announcement will be made . So , a general tip , start registering and inviting your friends .

Important : points of fame are dynamic thing , and scoring system will change with time . So keep alert on changes , they will be posted here and members will most likely get e-mail notification .
And needles to say , any abusing of Fame scoring , malversations , foul play will make consequences for involved users .

And as any time , suggestions are always welcome .
For now , you can get points of fame by :

Regular :

1. Registering , 1 point each day since your registration
2. Posting , 1 point for 1 post
3. New subject , 3 points

Special :

1. Big contribution , it is related to finding something in Sniper Elite community that will be helpful or useful to all players and members on forums . For example : finding a program that you can see who is inside the server without entering it ( note this is imaginary example , doesn't , but may exist ) . 10 extra Fame points

2. Approved forum enhancement suggestion , it means when you make suggestions for making forums better , if your suggestion gets into action = 15 extra points of Fame .

3. Adding video in Sniper Elite Video Playlist , and get approved will bring you extra 10 points of Fame .


Reputation added . What is reputation , where do I see it , what's it for , how to use it ? Reputation is another scoring like system . It is attained by other members action , by them giving you a credit or "thanks" . To give a positive or negative vote , you must choose " + " or " - " on the upper right corner of the poster you want to put a vote on . Plus for positive vote , and minus for negative vote . And again , any kind of foul play or personal issues will not be tolerated .

That is it . Hope everyone understands all from the above , if not , post on forums for help , your question might clear doubts for other people , and get you a positive vote already .

Points of Fame and Reputation added Bulllthegreatduh
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Points of Fame and Reputation added
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