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New forum members please introduce yourself
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 How to introduce yourself ? Tips and warnings .

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How to introduce yourself ? Tips and warnings . Empty
PostSubject: How to introduce yourself ? Tips and warnings .   How to introduce yourself ? Tips and warnings . EmptyFri Oct 02, 2009 10:22 pm

This should be every member's first post , or at least among first . The better you introduce yourself the more familiar you will become . How you introduce will/might affect how others treat you in future . So make a good introduction to let other members get to know you . It will contribute in other members wanting to help you . And overall creates better reputation for you .

How to introduce yourself ? What to write down , what is important , what could be useful , what others want to know ?

-Real name
-Gaming style
-Games , rules and settings you prefere
-Gaming background
-Gender ...

Almost anything can be useful and welcome . However , there are certanly thing you want to avoid , and must avoid . Don't share informations that are too personal and may be used in any activity with ill intentions . Don't give out your passwords , usernames for any accounts online . e-mails or web site accounts .

Facts about Sniper Elite community . Sniper Elite isn't a "big" game , but certanly that has it's advantages . Players are more or less all familiar by some group or clan . If you play long enough , people will get to know you . So the point is , when introducing , be sincere and present your background , where are you known from , what were your nicknames , clans and groups so forum members can get the true picture of you . In Sniper Elite community , once known by some nickname by larger group of people , you will always be known and treated like that . Nicknames can change , but those are the same people in the end . So no deceiving is allowed . False introductions or some other ones than expected will be treated as high hostility and may end up in banning .

How to introduce yourself ? Tips and warnings . Bulllthegreatduh
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How to introduce yourself ? Tips and warnings .
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